Gustoso Sicilia Food Business Network


The business network GUSTOSO SICILIAN FOOD EXCELLENCE has been strategically established to promote and find access to foreign markets for the best Sicilian agrifood products by marketing them under a common brand.


Raising awareness on the authenticity of products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), IGT and traditional specialties guaranteed (TSGs) by the European Union under a single registered brand;


Promoting the traditional products of excellence of a territory by enhancing its specific qualities and the supply chain;


Increasing knowledge and reputation of products among consumers;


Raising awareness among consumers, operators in the field and distributors abroad to the benefit of companies producing top-quality and excellent products;


Promoting actions as a way to guarantee high product quality and safety;

For these goals to be achieved, it is necessary to create a brand that succeeds in communicating not only the undisputable qualities of Italian food products but also the organoleptic properties that make local, traditional products unique and preferable to those industrially produced. Now more than ever before it is necessary to underline how our food products are to be preferred due to their unique qualities and freshness. Our goal is therefore to develop export of local food products of excellence and ‘take off’ to conquer new markets with a strong demand for Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence.
Our mission is to promote local food products on foreign markets. Our marketing strategy entails establishing business networks among producers and products placement through foreign traders with connections to distribution companies on foreign markets.

NETWORK CONTRACT: What is it? What are its benefit?

By establishing suitable synergic partnerships, the network Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence aims at embodying and disseminating the unique values of the Mediterranean diet and Made in Sicily through the excellent produce of the businesses of the network itself.

Businesses aggregations can help overcome an excess of individualism, if not dwarfism, and fragmentation of the Sicilian production system with the ensuing loosening of commercial and production ties which cause poor competitiveness on foreign markets.
The network is the most accomplished tool to share both risks and costs and also opportunities and advantages since the businesses that have joined the network share strategic assets by exchanging goods and services and good practices. By doing so, each businesses can provide a unique contribution, devise, develop and sign contracts to enter export networks/consortia and gain a better strategic/competitive positioning and become more attractive for foreign commercial investors.

In business network contracts, companies experience flexible cooperation aimed at carrying out the single one or numerous activities constituting their core business. These contracts can also allow the shared implementation of a new economic activity, which is different and independent from the individual stages of the main activity. The focus here becomes to achieving shared strategic goals to grow, as an individual company and as a group, through the implementation of a Joint Plan among the companies belonging to the network which is pivotal to, and justifies, the network contract.

Networks are a legal and economic tool for companies which want to cooperate. By signing a Network Contract, they mutually commit to implement a joint plan and cooperate within the framework of their specific activities in due form, to exchange information of an industrial, commercial, technical or technological nature, and/or to carry out specific activities which are relevant for each company.

Gustoso  Brand Product


The brand Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence focuses on the product to include it in its trading network. Each company then gains easy access to a targeted international market through the certified quality of the brand Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence even if the single product has not been registered abroad. Only the products of companies which have joined the Gustoso network can be branded Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence. Consequently, consumers can easily identify those products which guarantee top-quality, safety, and transparency.

A common brand allows producers to meet all quality requirements and also to provide the necessary quantity to satisfy markets demand since products show similar characteristics.

The brand Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence makes it easier to recognise and identify products exactly because they are ‘branded’. By choosing a shared brand it is easier to orientate consumers culture towards quality by training them to read the label.


By investing on the brand consumers have certainties and producers are safeguarded; in addition to that, a targeted marketing campaign has been started: since the brand’s commercial power stems from being a common one, Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence can successfully meet all the challenges of international markets.

Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence’s strategy is not to pursue a price-competition policy, i.e. it does not differentiate its products form those of competitors by lowering prices. Competition is grounded on good quality, targeted promotion and advertising campaigns, and effective brand management and development actions.

Gustoso Sicilian Food Excellence is present in the US, Canada, and South America through different sale channels such as:

  • Direct Importers

  • Distributors

  • Shops

  • E-commerce

Gustoso Export Promotion Italia LLC and Gustoso Import Promotion USA shall control all stages of the process, regardless of the sales modality (direct or indirect), i.e.: product selection, packaging, and presentation, management of selling corners, sales staff training, and final launch.

Sales modalities are chosen by purchasers according to their needs and agreed upon with the producing company among the following ones: department store, store corners, mono-brand shops, or showrooms.


Gustoso Export Promotion Italia LLC aims at implementing communication activities with the purpose of promoting the Brand Gustoso and making it competitive on international markets.

More in general, the mission of the Gustoso Export Promotion Italia is promoting local agrifood produce by establishing producer business networks so to overcome an excess of individualism and fragmentation of commercial and productive relationships, which are responsible for Sicilian ineffective competition on international markets.

Here follows a list of services Gustoso Export Promotion guarantees to each and every company that join the Network:

  • Dedicated consulting in subsidised finance for SMEs in the field of investments and exports;
  • Assistance in responding to calls for tender also internationally;
  • Commercial contract models;
  • Full support for participation in trade fairs and acquiring knowledge of the main actors in the market;
  • Full support for entering foreign markets at all stages: from accompanying activities to finalising export contracts by implementing research, selection, and negotiation activities, and negotiation of sales contracts;
  • Assistance in the search for partners and investors to set up commercial agreements, in developing joint venture and franchising contracts, and communication and marketing activities;
  • Assistance for: supply and demand of targeted markets, distribution system, tax and currency issues, different contract models;
  • Co-marketing activities.

We are passionately committed to our daily work and to building the network. We provide a constant exchange of information, skills, and opportunities to share individual advantages to the benefit of a larger capital.

We represent a portfolio of excellent and highly diversified products, a true value added for our customers which are the best actors of the Sicilian agrifood business.
We closely support and assist companies throughout the whole internationalization process, from identifying the target market to finalising the trade contract with the support of our foreign contact points (gourmet stores, online sale channels, distributors, HoReCa sector).

For many years we have been working with the Italian Chambers of Commerce, Sicily Region, Italian, European, international entities and institutions (Governments, European Commission, Associations, Embassies and Consulates), and with the main national private players. They come to us as we are reliable, we create business opportunities that are safe and profitable, and we know the markets and which are the best partners with whom to start doing business.

“Sense of responsibility, team culture, flexibility, relational capacity, good organisational skills: these are the competences a press and media-relations office needs to have. Enhancing and managing teamwork are key skills to support marketing and commercial strategies aimed at achieving the set goals”.
We manage relationships with different key figures in the sector to identify suitable development policies for companies or brands and help achieving their goals.


Gustoso has asked Massimo Tesio to manage the press office and media relations sectors. He is a journalist and communication professional who has been the spokesperson of the President of Piedmont Region for five years.

As for the food sector he has followed the project of a University of Flavour in Pollenzo and all communication activities for the brands Pomi’, Atisale, La Trentina, Linea Verde. Recently he has coordinated a project with Identita’ Golose and RDS 100% Grandi Successi for EXPO 2015.
He is always in contact with opinion leaders and top media journalists in the food sector, such as Paolo Marchi, Federico Francesco Ferrero, Antonio Paolini, Luca Iaccarino, Davide Scabin, Carlo Cracco, Rocco Moliterni, and Gambero Rosso, and also with the leading food-bloggers such as Chiara Maci, Sandra Salerno, Gnam Box, Timo and Basilico.

Focus on Trade Fairs and Expositions

We design and build trade stands. The key to making a successful big event is to become recognisable. Therefore, the set-up of a stand is fundamental to shape your presence. It tells about you, the way you receive guests and allows you to host them as if you were at your company headquarters.
To achieve these goals, the businesses will be closely accompanied in the following activities:

  • Design and set-up of trade stands with experienced staff;
  • Acquiring and analysing data of buyers attending the event by appointment with the companies;
  • Computer planning of stands, brand names, logos, sketches and storyboards of posters, catalogues, flyers, banners, shop signs, shop windows, digitalisation of images (photos and videos);
  • Organising the delivery of exposition materials arriving from Italy;
  • Dissemination of the event on the web and marketing actions at trade fairs locations.


The Network is supported by Gustoso Import Promotion USA, a joint venture company between Gustoso Export Promotion Italia LLC and IBS North America (International Business Strategy is a consulting company providing specialised services to business aiming at going international and consolidate their presence in the vast and complex US market). Gustoso Import Promotion USA is responsible for taking delivery of goods, storage, shipping, invoicing and order tracking. Gustoso Import Promotion USA deals with import procedures and compliance with FDA rules for more complex produce such as food preserves, cheese or all food preparation needing an import permit to enter the US market. It also builds the sales network in the USA which is composed of self-employed representatives, salesmen or distributors.

By having only one interlocutor, businesses can organise all they need to be active in the US market while saving time and avoiding mistakes. More importantly, they will be relieved of a great deal of work to coordinate all the necessary preliminary steps.

Gustoso Import Promotion USA guarantees legal and accounting advise, and contacts with: couriers such as UPS or FedEx, road transport companies, customs officers, logistics companies, estate agents, Federal and State Internal Revenue Service, insurance companies, shipping companies, labour department, immigration department, banks, and, if necessary, also with the FDA, USDA, trade unions, municipal or county offices to obtain permits and authorizations.

It supports small and medium-sized enterprises by limiting start-up investments as much as possible by establishing a sales network in the US, which involves self-employed representatives, salesmen or distributors.

Our approach to selling is extremely practical and concrete and takes into account the specific requirements of each sector/market/product. It is strongly sales-oriented and focussed on the usual requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are willing to export into the United States.

In addition, the Gustoso product can manage the sale of products to third parties or business licenses for ‘Private Label’ products, such as Commercial Agency & Licensing, On-line sales, Business Consulting and Branding, Marketing, and Import.

Product Testing and Test Sales in the US

Gustoso Import Promotion USA usually advises companies, who are willing to export consumer goods such as Food and Wine products to the United States, to start with a Product Testing.

It is a simple, fast, and affordable solution, which provides a quick overview of the situation and helps to understand if your company’s products can sell in the US market and what is the most favourable and sustainable positioning.

All our sales programmes for specific sectors, i.e. food specialties, are organised into the following stages: product test, market test, and actual test sales [only for those that have passed the product test] so that risks and investments can be limited.
The next step after Product and Sales Tests is the establishment of a sales network in the United States. Through our network of agents, sales reps, and distributors who are the same ones we have involved in the testing stage, the product is then distributed in the United States by placing it in regional distribution chains first and national chains then, such as COSTCO, BJ’s, Target, Walmart and others.

Logistics and Transport

Gustoso Export Promotion Italia can provide an efficient logistic organisation in the USA at competitive costs. Distribution rules and regulations in the US require that goods are sent from a storehouse in the United States to be certain of the delivery time and that they are not blocked by US customs.

Retailers and distributors in the USA want to buy DDP or FOB United States. In other words, they require that companies that are willing to sell on the US market send their products from a storehouse in the US (or they send directly from Italy to the end user in the US by bearing all shipping costs from Italy and United States, customs clearance expenses, customs import duties, and delivery costs to the storehouse of the American customer).


List of the logistic services in the United States:

  • Taking delivery of goods;
  • Storage;
  • Orders management;
  • Shipping (by courier, consolidated shipment, or by truck sharing);
  • Billing on behalf of the customer;
  • Order tracking;
  • Customised services.

Market Opportunity Usa

The United States accounts for 30% of the global commercial market: 330 million inhabitants, 130 million households and USD 700,000 billion a year spent for food.

The current improvement in the EUR/USD exchange rate in 2017 is expected to continue as soon the US Federal Reserve raises its interest rates. The continuing recession in Europe and embargo against Russia have also harmed the performance of Italian companies. In this scenario, the most logical and profitable choice for Italian companies that want to export is to invest on the US market.
We expect strong growth in economic performance and consumption on the one hand and a decrease in the value of euro when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.